Institutional Pricing

Armor Group security solutions for Institutions

We understand and cater to the needs of nonprofit, local, and state educational/government organizations. Those organizations are responsible for not only helping with the development of young minds and public community service, but of providing a safe environment to grow and work in. Safety and security go hand in hand with computer security, and that is why the enterprise level of Security software is now available for schools and community organizations.

With internet security and computer protection, Armor Group works to secure on campus (and off campus) requirements managed by a department for large institutions to a small volunteer effort of just 1 administrator. All resources can be managed by single or multiple consoles, works efficiently to protect your organization, and is light on system resources.

Armor Group supports nonprofit, education, state, and local governments with special pricing.  Before or after account registration simply fill out the form below and let us know, we’ll process the application and update your account for smooth purchase capabilities.  In addition feel free to request formal quotes and/or bids via the contact form as well.

Feel free to contact us anytime, we look forward to being your security partner.

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